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Chupacabra found in Juneau County?

a Juneau county, WI highway worker came across a strange creature found dead at the side of the road last Monday. Almost completely hairless and about the size of a piglet, this creature looked like nothing he ever seen before. According to WISC TV 3: “It’s completely hairless — almost like leather,” Potter said. “It […]

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State tourism gets boost in funding

With the effects of the economy still lingering, the Wisconsin State Department of Tourism is looking to further promote vacationing in Wisconsin to the neighboring states of Michigan and Illinois. With most vacation destinations accessible by one tank of gas or less, Wisconsin can be seen as an affordable alternative to longer trips: To encourage these types […]

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Oil filters no longer allowed in WI Landfills

Starting January 1, 2011, do it yourselfers will no longer be able to dispose of used oil filters and oil absorbant materials in their regular garbage. More than a year ago, Governor Doyle signed into law legislation banning the filters and other oily materials from entering the landfills in the state. Wisconsin has  been recycling […]

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Snowiest December in History?

The 12 – 24 inches that blanketed the State of Wisconsin may very will put this December in the history books as the snowiest December in history. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune Blog: Snowy Factoid. According to Pete Boulay at the State Climatology Office Saturday’s snowy dumping was the 4th greatest (24 hour – single […]

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