Snowiest December in History?

Snowiest December in historyThe 12 – 24 inches that blanketed the State of Wisconsin may very will put this December in the history books as the snowiest December in history. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune Blog:

Snowy Factoid. According to Pete Boulay at the State Climatology Office Saturday’s snowy dumping was the 4th greatest (24 hour – single day) snowfall in modern-day history, dating back to 1891. Not sure we’ll ever bump off the Halloween Superstorm numbers (at least not in our lifetime). That was truly one for the ages. There’s now little doubt in my mind that this will turn into the snowiest winter in a decade, and if we exceed 76″ by early April (not out of the question at the rate we’re going) this could become the snowiest winter since the winter of ’91-92, when 88.1″ buried MSP.

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