41 rural post offices in Wisconsin could be closed

Herbster, WI post office could be closedHerbster, Wisconsin, population 104 and located on the southern shore of Lake Superior is one of the communities, along with 40 others in Wisconsin that could lose their post office if a bill makes it through congress authorizing their closure. The US Postal Service has drafted a plan to close hundreds of small post offices nationwide as a cost savings measure. But these closures can have a profound impact on the local community and economy.

From the Superior, (WI) Telegram

Herbster Town Supervisor Jane Bucy thinks closing rural branches could mean the end to many small towns.

“Oh, it’s the life of the community,” Bucy said. “We get a lot of elderly people here who are dependent upon it for medicines and things. They don’t get around very easily. Packages. I mean, it’s just the life of the community.”

Being on this list doesn’t mean that the post office will be closed. The US Postal Service will release a more definitive list in September and open it up to public to comment if an office should be left open or not.


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