UFO Day in Elmwood!

Elmwood must be in a bit of a vortex, or maybe a wormhole. Their UFO Day lasts for a full weekend. The list of events includes a greased pig contest, bed race, street dances, Tractorcade, community thrift sales, car and truck show, medallion hunt, coronation of Miss Elmwood, and, of course, the UFO Grande Parade. There are also plenty of tournaments to join- horseshoes, bean bags and softball. Mix in the festival standard beer, food, carnival and fireworks.

While you are there stop in at Sailer’s Meats and grab yourself a package of UFO Brats to bring home! They are TARDIS-like in ingredients, including: pineapple, sauerkraut, green olives and Swiss cheese.

July 23 – 25

UFO Brats on the grill    

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