About BackroadWisconsin

What’s up with this place?

So, you want to know what Wisconsin residents do for fun. If your a new transplant, a lifelong resident, or admire the state from afar; Backroad Wisconsin should be your one stop for the travel, lifestyle, and culture that makes this state what it is. Wisconsin’s people are as diverse and interesting as the landscape of the State which was chiselled by the glaciers ages ago.

The goal of BackroadWisconsin is to provide compelling and interesting original travel features, supplemented with a mix of interesting news articles gleaned from sources state wide.

Who are Michael and Christine?

Christine and Michael Martens trying to figure out why Oktoberfest is celebrated in August

BackroadWisconsin is edited by freelance travel writers Michael  Christine Martens. Both lifelong residents of the state, the Martens have over 30 years of combined marketing,  travel, and writing experience. Add to that a love of Wisconsin culture and history and you’ve got a winning combination for a web site.

BackroadWisconsin is head quartered in Wausau, WI and is ready to travel to all points to bring you the best experiences in the State. Remember, you’re not going to experience the culture and history of the State by staying on the Interstate, so travel with us along the backroads of Wisconsin.

How can we help you?

If your destination, event, festival, resort, or restaurant needs an expert review, please contact us. We’d love to help tell your story. Please see our marketing services page for details.

All press and advertising inquiries should be sent to Michael Martens at michael.martens@gmail.com.

Backroadwisconsin.com is published by BackroadWisconsin Partners. Thanks again for visiting.

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