Chupacabra found in Juneau County?

a Juneau county, WI highway worker came across a strange creature found dead at the side of the road last Monday. Almost completely hairless and about the size of a piglet, this creature looked like nothing he ever seen before.

According to WISC TV 3:

“It’s completely hairless — almost like leather,” Potter said. “It has a canine-like head and a fox- or dog-type head. The rear legs are coon-like. The tail is almost like an opossum.”

Potter, who is an avid hunter and outdoorsman, was left speechless. And he’s not alone.

“At first, I just thought it was a small piglet,” said Chuck Huschka, who saw the creature alive, running across his property in May. He said he only got a quick look before the mystery critter bolted.

University of Wisconsin researchers suggest that it could be a raccoon or fox with a severe case of mange. But others believe it could be the Chupacabra, a mythological creature from Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The animal is being preserved for further study.

Mysterious Creature Found In Juneau County; Channel

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