Wisconsin’s top five food festivals

A big part of our cultural heritage is eating. It’s even better when you can combine eating with drinking beer and partying. A food festival meets the bill. Most small town communities have festival that celebrates this or commemorates that. The Wisconsin State Journal takes things a bit further and lists the top five food festivals in the state.

Brat Days

Where: Sheboygan.

When: Aug. 5-7.

History: In 1953, the 100th anniversary of Sheboygan, the editor of the city’s newspaper suggested holding a “Bratwurst Day” to celebrate the sausage for which the city had become known. The festival has seen its ups and downs through the years, but is now on solid footing and includes the annual Johnsonville Brat-Eating World Championship competition.

What to eat: Well, the only thing visitors here have to ask is, with kraut or without? Or maybe, what kind of mustard with that?

Wisconsin’s five food inspired festivals.

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