BOW: having fun & conquering fears!

Greta and I were treated to an amazing weekend at Treehaven this last week. We were given a gift certificate to Becoming an Outdoors Woman Summer Workshop– something new to both of us. We both enjoy the outdoors and are often found camping, hiking, biking, gardening and such. We had no idea what to expect, but we signed up for our workshops and waited for August to come round.

It was hard to narrow our choices down to just four with such a wide range of cool topics: fly fishing, sewing with fur, shotgun, black powder, archery, wildlife habitat, birding, map reading, and wild game preserving to name just a few. We finally settled on a few- canoeing, kayaking and survival we took together. Greta included chainsaw safety and I threw in boat and trailer.

Each class gave us the opportunity to not only learn in a classroom, but to learn hands on. We kayaked for a couple of hours, paddled our own canoe (and were given a HUGE helping hand when the wind and stumps almost won!), and built a shelter and fire with our group when we were “lost.” Greta donned all the appropriate safety gear and set to making toothpicks out of trees with her new found knowledge of using a chainsaw.

I was given the use of a beautiful bass boat on a trailer and truck to conquer one of my greatest fears. I learned the art of backing up a trailer into a boat launch.  I was petrified as it came to be my turn, I was going to just watch and go with that. But I learned as I was waiting my turn that almost everyone has very little idea about how to get a trailer to actually go where it needs to be. With the encouragement of my fellow classmates,  the gentle (and unbelievably patient) guidance of the instructor, and unlimited tries… I put the trailer and boat right smack down the middle of the launch! And I now know I can do it again when needed.

But there was more than the workshops- there was also the evening campfires with live music, the night hike and wolf howl and, of course, lots of great food. For next year I am definitely saving up for all the cool stuff at the silent auction and raffles.

Greta and I came home completely exhausted and exhilarated. We had way too much fun, ate way too much (not to mention the large amount of hot cocoa), learned some great new skills and even conquered some fears along the way.

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