Re-Branding Marathon County

Image Courtesy of Brand Marathon County

What do you think of when someone mentions Marathon County? To most people the first thing that comes to mind is agriculture and a population that contains more cows than people. But now the largest county and situated geographically smack dab in the middle of the state is undergoing a re-branding process.

According to a column in the Wausau Daily Herald:

The Brand Marathon County Committee is dedicated to capturing the essence of what makes our area a great place to live and work. We’ve taken an important step by identifying the key principles for a new brand campaign. In the months ahead, North Star will help us work toward a specific brand strategy, logo and tagline for the future.

This joint effort by the Marathon County Development Committee and the Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce is a long time coming. Any positive effort to attract industry, tourism and relocation to this area is a good thing. In our travels around the state people often ask where we are from. Once I mention Wausau, the first thing that comes to their mind is the Hwy 51/29 Interchange and how they no longer have to stop or get off the highway in order to continue on their journey. One older gentleman still remembers driving down Grand Ave. in order to make the connection between 51 and 29. The revamped highway corridor is a good thing, but now that it is nearly complete we need a compelling reason for travellers to get off the road and spend some time here.

I applaud what the Brand Marathon County is doing but hopefully they won’t become too Wausau centric in their efforts. Almost half the population of the county does not live within the Wausau metro area and the smaller communities like Mosinee, Marathon, Edgar, Athens, Stratford, Hatley, and Ringle can benefit greatly from this effort.

More details on the Brand Marathon County initiative and how you can help can be found on their site.

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