Life without Harley in Tomahawk?

Rick Barrett- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Harley Davidson is contemplating closing down two Northern Wisconsin plants that make parts and accessories for the popular line of touring motorcycles. The company is stuck with the task of cutting millions of dollars in manufacturing costs and consolidating their operations seems to be the likely move. Unfortunately this has dire ramifications to the town of Tomahawk as the Harley plant is one the second largest employer in the area.

Rick Barrett of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes:

Harley is one of the largest individual employers, with two factories that make parts and accessories for expensive touring bikes.

It also is a magnet for an annual motorcycle rally that attracts about 40,000 bikers and fills hotel rooms for 90 miles. Some people rent their homes to motorcycle tourists during the Tomahawk Fall Ride, this year Sept. 15-19, that was started 29 years ago.

“The identity of Tomahawk and Harley-Davidson are one and the same,” said Glenn Christenson, a retired Harley employee whose son and daughter are employed at the motorcycle plants here.

Everyone in town knows someone who works for Harley-Davidson, according to Mayor Robert Lee.

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