Time pressed this holiday? Get your tree delivered.

Has our time pressed lifestyle come to the point where we no longer are able to go out and select the perfect tree? Enterprising individuals are taking advantage of our hectic lifestyle and are offering Christmas tree delivery services. For a fee, they will pick out the perfect tree, hand cut it, deliver and set it up in your living. They even clean up and remove the tree after the holiday season. Right now the service is found in larger communities, but I’m sure it will spread to just about every city and town that has a stressed out, over scheduled population.

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

So if you’re incredibly busy and yearn for the sweet aroma of a fresh-cut Christmas tree, but don’t have time to go to a farm, cut down the tree, haul it home, carry it inside, screw it into a stand and add water, Todd Ruedt of Brookfield says he can take care of everything for you.

And in the Dane County community of Oregon, Greg Hann and Tyson Burnett formed a partnership to deliver fresh-cut trees because so many customers were asking for the service.

The delivery comes with a price, of course. Plan on spending $150 to $325 for the service, including the price of the tree.

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