Harvest Already? Apples are ready in Southern Wisconsin

Our warm, wet summer has had the added benefit of speeding up the growing season for many of the State’s crops. Strawberries, sweet corn, soybeans, and other crops have all come in early this summer. Now the apple harvest is poised to be two weeks ahead of schedule in the Southern Wisconsin.

From the Capital Times:

But the apples are there, many nearly two weeks ahead of time, at Eplegaarden and other spots in Wisconsin. Apples join other crops that have popped up early this year, including soybeans, field corn, sweet corn and strawberries.

“Everybody I know is talking about an early harvest and that’s going to be a factor in everything we do,” said Bob Oleson, executive director of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.

It’s too early for me to think about apples. I’m still trying to get my tomato crop preserved.

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