Police begin OWI crackdown statewide

In an effort to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents and fatalities, police all over the State of Wisconsin are making a renewed focus over the next weeks to crack down on drunk driving.

From the Wausau Daily Herald:

There were 238 people killed and 3,793 people injured in alcohol-related crashes in 2009 in Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. There were more than 45,000 convictions for drunken driving offenses last year in Wisconsin, the agency reported.

The campaign doesn’t mean extra officers will be patrolling the roadways. Kronenwetter Police Lt. Terry McHugh said officers will put off work that is not a high priority, such as a misdemeanor property crime investigation or administrative paperwork, to spend a few extra minutes or hours on the road.

“We take whatever extra time we can get to be out there for a more concentrated effort, even if we have to put other things on the back burner,” McHugh said.

The “Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest” crackdown begins today and will run through Sept. 6.

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