Cougar sitings on the rise in Wisconsin

Cougar map from the Wisconsin DNRThe Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reports of more than ten confirmed cougar sitings have happened in the state within the last ten years.  DNR wardens and biologists have identified four male cougars are roaming the state. These cougars are believed to have migrated from the Black Hills region of  South Dakota.

While cougar sitings are still quite rare, it has been common knowledge among sportsmen and farmers that cougars have are roaming the northwoods. Up until this year, the DNR wouldn’t confirm the existence of the animals in the state despite the talk to the contrary by locals. The last time a native cougar was found in the state was in 1908.

According to the DNR, all the cougars identified in the state are young males seeking new territory. Female cougars tend to only travel no more than a couple hundred miles, so it could take as long as ten years for breeding pairs to establish in the area.

The DNR is interested in your observations and has set up a Rare Mammal Observation form on their website. More information on cougars in Wisconsin can also be found there.

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