A Traveler’s Guide to Wisconsin Cheese

Are you planning an automobile or bicycle road trip to visit the many dairies and cheese factories in the state? If so, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has a new map highlighting all the cheese factories and retail outlets. The Traveler’s Guide to Wisconsin Cheese also lists contact information, cheese tour, and retail store hours and some fun facts about the state’s dairy industry.

I’m one of those crazy people that prefer paper maps over GPS systems. My trusty copy of the Wisconsin State Highway Map gets me to places that I need to go. If more details is required, then a Gazetteer or city map suffices. This map will suit me fine for any upcoming cheese adventures. All I need now is a map of the breweries and wineries in the state.

To get the guide, stop in at any of the State’s visitor centers, or go the the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board’s website to request a copy.

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