Door County Travel Guide

The twisting roads of Door County are great for biking

Chicagoans sure love Door County. If you ever traveled to that area on a weekend you would think you were mysteriously transported to the State of Illinois. published a Door County Travel Guide for the new generation of Chicagoans to experience the charm of the Peninsula.

To vanish into nowhere (“Not Found” in the blunt parlance of personal navigation devices), you first have to follow Wisconsin’s crooked-finger peninsula north toward the tip to Ellison Bay. Pass through the tiny fishing town off the main tourist track, follow Porcupine Road to Ellison Bluff Road, and then keep going, even though driving down this narrow, rough stretch of back street feels like one long wrong turn. Ellison Bluff Road ends abruptly in a glen just steps away from a view that’s the stuff of dreams—perhaps even nightmares.

Getting to Ellison Bay really does make you feel like you are nowhere. The road is narrow and crooked, and cell phones seldom work. It’s worth the trip, especially if you want to get away from the tourist bustle of Fish Creek and Sister Bay.

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