Stratford Heritage Days

We headed out to Stratford Heritage Days today for some cultural fun. The schedule was filled with dancing demonstrations from around the world, music, historical cemetery tours, a small carnival, car show and a bit of food. The historical museum was also open for a peek.

As we wandered towards the carnival we were greeted by a site familiar to our Madeline Island travels… the big, red, double decker bus (named Big Ben) from the Pita Hut in Ashland. The meat was being cooked on the spit and the gyro was delicious- if a bit messy (grab some extra napkins!)

A wide range of cultures were represented by the dance companies, including the Middle East, Mexico, Moravia , Germany, Ireland and Scotland. The costumes lit up the stage with intricate needle work, bright colors, jingling jewelry, tassles on hips and shoes- and pots being balanced on heads.

We were not able to stay until the evening, but the schedule included fireworks and bed races!

I was hoping for a bit more variety in the ethnic foods, but the food there was quite yummy and included several options for deep fried cheese curds.

Mark your calendar for next year (June 9-12)  and head out for a dy of fun. It is free to attend and a picnic could be brought to enjoy while watching the performances.


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