Head to Wausau for Riverfest

Wausau, Wisconsin’s whitewater park has had a long and varied history. Created in the mid 70’s, it was at the time one of a few whitewater courses in the world located within a city center. Over the years professional whitewater competitions have become more and more technical and Wausau’s course has been overshadowed by larger artificial courses. But the course is still suitable for Junior level world championships and Wausau is hosting the Junior world championships in 2012. The Wausau Kayak and Canoe Corporation is now courting more freestyle and recreational uses of the course, which it is perfectly suited for. This brings us to the corporations first Riverfest event.

Head on down to the Whitewater Park in downtown Wausau Saturday and Sunday June 11-12 for the 1st annual Wausau Riverfest. The event starts with a 5K fun run and then moves into kayak and canoe demonstrations, competitions, food, hooligan race, and recreational water release on the course Sunday. There’s even a whitewater theme film festival Saturday night at the VFW.

Details for the event can be found at Wausau Whitewater site.

Lots of changes and additions have been made to the whitewater course this spring. You can check out the action in the in the following video clip.

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