5th Annual Circus World Big Top Parade

Baraboo, Wisconsin, home to the Circus World Museum puts on quite an event the third weekend of July with their annual Big Top Circus Parade. Marching bands, over a dozen historic wagons, and scads of clowns hit the streets of Baraboo. This year’s event was significant as it was also billed as a homecoming weekend for Ringling Brothers employees. The long running American circus quit performing this year, but the museum offered a bit of closure for the employees and alumni to get together and reminisces about the ‘Good Ole Days.’

If you weren’t able to make down to Baraboo for the parade this year, you can catch the entire thing in this exclusive Backroad Wisconsin video of the event. enjoy!

Wagons appearing in the parade are:

Al Ringling Carriage 4:17
Royal Italian Band Carriage 36:00
Golden Age of Chivalry 53:10
Mother Goose Pony Float 34:00
Ringling Lion & Mirror Bandwagon 13:30
Miller Bros. 101 Ranch Bandwagon 26:30
Hanneford Band Carriage 30:00
Ringling Bros. Snake Den 40:30
Gollmar Bros. Mirror Bandwagon 32:30
Ringling Bros. U.S. Bandwagon 51:40
Our Country 6:45
America Steam Calliope 55:30
Ringling Bros. Giraffe Wagon 52:35
Charging Tiger Tableau 22:50

Marching Bands in the Parade:
Baraboo High School Marching Clown Band 21:00
Sauk Prairie High School Marching Band 31:30
Lodi Soon To Be Famous Band 37:15
Professor Stitch’s Original Baraboo Circus Band
Echos of Camp Randall 44:00
Forward Marching Band 47:30

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