Craft brewers embracing the can

Canned beer. Once the lowbrow staple of the beer world; beer in cans is now being accepted by many craft brewers as an excellent way to package and distribute their product. Cans have sever advantages, including lower cost, lighter weight, and protection from light. I really love beer in cans because they transport well in the cooler for picnics and weekend camping trips.

According to the Chicago Sun Times:

“There’s still that stigma of canned beer being crappy beer,” (Anthony) Norkus says. “Craft beer awareness has changed it a little, but it’s still there.”

Crappy canned beer is still there, too, but now it shares space on shelves and menus with great canned beer. According to, a database that keeps tabs on the canned craft beer trend, there are 132 craft brewers in 40 states currently canning beer or planning on doing so soon. There are 16 brewers canning beer in Colorado alone (totaling almost 50 distinct beers), and in California, eight breweries turn out almost 25 different canned beers.

One of my favorite brewers, Capital Brewery in Middleton, offers two beers in cans: Supper Club and Capitol Amber. Several Leinenkugel varieties are also available in cans. Next time you are looking for a beer that travels well, pass up the bottles and look for the can.


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