Blue Mound’s Cave of the Mounds

Looking for an underground adventure right in our back yard? Head on over a little west of Madison to the town of Bluemound for a tour of the Cave of the Mounds. This cave, accidentally discovered in 1939 is a rare treat for a state who’s topography has been formed by the glaciers. Bobby Tanzilo of calls it one of the 7 wonders of Wisconsin:

Despite the damp and the dark, even little kids will marvel at the giant fissures, the stalactites that appear to drip like candle wax from the ceilings, the almost lunar-like stalagmites, the dripping water collecting in crystal clear pools of almost entirely motionless water.

Cave of the Mounds is open year round where the temperature inside the cave is a lovely 50 degrees. Details about tours and schedules can be found at



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