Walter’s Antique Toy Repair & Lawnmower Repair… & Museum!

On my way to Eau Claire this past week I decided to get off of Highway 29 and explore beyond the obvious building just off the highway. So when the exit for Curtiss came up I hopped off and headed toward town. I found a great display outside the Curtiss Community Center all about the Yellowstone Trail, which runs right through town. It includes a rock pained yellow with an arrow in similar style to those originally used to mark the trail for motorists.

I also stopped at Walter’s Toy Repair and Museum just off the main drag. It is a small, unassuming place- but it is filled to the brim with toys- mostly of the wheeled variety. I chatted with Walter for a bit about his collection. He thought he out grew toys as a kid, but then he bought a few back in the 1970’s and then a few more… and you know how that goes. He sold all his toys once, but then a homeless toy caught his eye and the process began again. Near the front of the shop he has an old metal barn (similar to what I had in the 1970’s) he set up at a toy show once- and took the blue ribbon.

Fleets of tractors, trucks and cars line the shelves. There are two shiney, pedal cars in the window waiting for little feet to work the gears. Many toys are in the process of receiving a new life, although sometime the right parts are hard to come by Walter says. Time and patience are needed to get the job done right.

I highly recomend a stop with the kids… just be ready to bring home a tractor or two.

Walter’s Repair Service- Antique Toy repair & Lawnmower Repair
110 East Front Street, Curtiss

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