SAGBRAW Day 2: Burger and a Tall Boy

By the second full day of the tour, you start to get into the routine of things. The alarm goes off at 5:00am, you get up, stumble to the bathroom and brush your teeth and clean up. Next up is getting dressed and packing up your tent and gear so you can hit the road at a reasonable time. Breakfast starts at 6:oo am sharp, so you have plenty of time to take care of the gear.

I’m am early riser, but not necessarily an early starter on the tours. I usually hit the road between 7 and 7:30am. Some people are biking by 5:00am and others are still sleeping at 7:00. I like to get a cup of coffee, leisurely eat a hearty breakfast and take care of any other business before putting in the 50 to 65 miles that are common on these rides.

Monday in Waupun started out with overcast skies and some light sprinkles. But within the first of hour of riding, things cleared up and we had mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid 80’s for the rest of the day.

Monday’s ride took us through the towns of Oakfield, Eden, Campbellsport, Dundee, Parnell, and Plymouth. All small towns, but each with a bit of character.  Oakfield had a little elementary school that a water stop was set up at. Eden is a one horse town with a very nice diner, Parnell is a crossroads, and Dundee has the hamburger stand.

And what a hamburger stand it is.

The Hamburger Haus in Dundee makes burgers to order just the way you like it. Match that up with a chocolate shake and some onion rings, and you have a killer combination. I had the double cheeseburger with onion rings. No shake for me, I needed to replenish some electrolytes and carbohydrates. Five miles prior to Dundee, I picked up a tall boy of Miller High Life at the package goods store and stashed it in my handlebar bag. A beer with the burger nearly made the day’s ride complete. All that was left is to pedal the beautiful hilly roads of the Kettle Moraine for the  last 15 miles into Plymouth.

More details from the ride in the next installment.

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